Project engineer

Experimental Rig Design

Job description

The project engineer is in charge of the design, construction, test and support for the operation of experimental irradiation equipment and facilities. Together with his/her team of specialists, the project engineer makes sure the project meets customer specifications, safety requirements, all of this in accordance with the agreed planning and budget.

More specifically, he/she :

  • Draws up technical specifications including planning and budget, based on internal customer specifications;
  • Designs the irradiation equipment or experimental facility with help from a team of specialists. Several different aspects of the design, such as neutronics, thermohydraulics, instrumentation, control, decommissioning, decontamination and nuclear and industrial safety, must be taken into account;
  • Draws up the necessary documents for the CEE (Committee for Experimental Evaluation) to obtain the necessary approvals for the construction and operation of the experiment;
  • Follows up the construction, assembly, test and commissioning of the experiment;
  • Reports the progress made by the project as well as the operational measurement data to the customer.

Required qualifications

  • Master’s degree in engineering (civil engineer), preferably in mechanics or electromechanics;
  • an additional Master’s degree in nuclear energy or knowledge of nuclear energy is an asset;
  • experience with thermohydraulics calculations;
  • experience with construction codes such as ASME and/or RCC-M, RCC-MRx;
  • knowledge of structure materials used in a nuclear environment;
  • experience with the design and commissioning of facilities is an asset;
  • good communication skills in order to lead an international and multidisciplinary team;
  • good knowledge of computer tools for technical/scientific purposes;
  • be able to draw up good reports, manuals and procedures in Dutch and/or French, as well as in English;
  • be able to work meticulously in accordance with the applicable standards and procedures;
  • be prepared to follow additional training courses;
  • be prepared to work in controlled areas;
  • good knowledge of Dutch, French and English.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Belmans Evi
+32 (0)14 33 25 82