Safety Integration Engineer


Job description

As a safety integration engineer within the MYRRHA Safety Team, you will:

  • contribute to establishing the list of Postulating Initiating Events for the safety evaluation of the installation and coordinate/update the corresponding safety studies in line with the regulatory bodies requirements;
  • in order to help fullfiling the safety objectives, interact with the design team to implement design changes and improvements where appropriate, as a consequence of the technical safety studies;
  • ensure the global coherence of the technical safety studies with the safetyapproach and coach accordingly the safety engineers;
  • ensure the safety integration of the various systems of the installation such asprimary system, accelerator, core design (neutronics/thermohydraulics), spallation source, instrumentation and control;
  • contribute with time to the internal review of safety deliverables to be submitted to the licensing authorities;
  • contribute actively at a latter stage to the drafting of the PSAR

Required qualifications

  • Degree of Master in Engineering Sciences (perferably mechanical engineering);
  • at least five years of experience in technical safety studies;
  • preferably experience in safety assessment of nuclear installations (interaction with TSO or licensing body);
  • capable of integrating different reactor disciplines (neutronics,  thermal-hydraulics, instrumentation and control);
  • experience with computational tools in the domain of reactor safety;
  • good communication and coordination skills;
  • fluency in English, good knowledge of Dutch and/or French is highly appreciated.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Belmans Evi
+32 (0)14 33 25 82