Software developer

Management of Waste and Liabilities

Job description

As software developer for supporting accounting of fissile material, you will work within the unit “Management of Waste and Liabilities”. This unit takes on the following tasks at SCK•CEN:

  • the administrative and financial management of radioactive waste and other potentially nuclear material;
  • the non-destructive measurements of waste packaging (NDA);
  • the administrative and accounting management of fissile material (NMA);
  • the operation of the recycling park for destruction of non-nuclear waste.

You will also work within the NMA team (currently 2 people) and will be in contact with other units at SCK•CEN. It means that you are the ICT expert within a (not ICT-related) team where you will be in charge of all software developments.

Your tasks are the following:

  • on the one hand, you keep the software package related to fissile materials up to date. On the other hand, you are responsible for developing and programing extra functionalities for the software package. It means that you will work with existing software technologies (SQL Server with centralised stored procedures, C# WPF and establishing connections or helping to migrate from MS Access);
  • you analyse, develop and program new software packages for the management of other materials (sources, non-fissile materials and other liabilities);
  • you test and debug the software tools and draw up instructions;
  • you give training about the new software packages to colleagues and external partners;
  • you are responsible for providing (software) services to external customers.

The abovementioned tasks amount to approximately 90% of your task package. Besides, you also play an important role in ensuring the continuity of the tasks within the team. When your colleagues are absent, you also take on the following tasks (10%):

  • you specialize in specific tasks about accounting of fissile materials (in accordance with Euratom regulation);
  • you are responsible for collecting inventory data with regard to fissile materials liabilities and for the correct and efficient processing of the accounting data and their management;
  • you report on the accounting of fissile material to Euratom and to the Belgian authorities involved;
  • you follow up national and international legislation with regard to accounting of fissile materials;
  • you maintain contacts with external inspection bodies;
  • in case of an inspection, you welcome and guide external inspectors on SCK•CEN domain;
  • you carry out internal inspections;
  • you are responsible for providing (accounting) services to external customers.

Required qualifications

  • You have a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Computer Science – Software development;
  • you have a good knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server, stored procedures and ADO.Net. It is central with regard to the applications;
  • you have a good knowledge of Microsoft applications, more specifically of Access and Excel, mainly to couple them or help to migrate;
  • you have a good knowledge of .NET Framework and experience in developing C# applications and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF;
  • experience in analysing, designing and implementing applications;
  • good communication skills;
  • customer-oriented;
  • you work precisely and pay attention to quality and safety;
  • you are able to work on your own;
  • good knowledge of Dutch and English, knowledge of French is an asset.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Craninx An-Sofie
+32 (0)14 33 25 84