MYRRHA: an innovative research installation

Unique magnet for Belgium

MYRRHA plays a crucial role in the development of SCK•CEN, the Kempen and Belgium. According to a study conducted by the nonprofit organisation Strategische Projectenorganisatie Kempen (SPK, the Kempen Organisation for Strategic Projects), the total economic impact of the MYRRHA project from 2009 to the end of its operation is estimated to nearly 13 billion EUR, of which 11 billion EUR in Belgium. For each euro spent on MYRRHA, the return on investment for Belgium amounts to almost 12 euros.

The MYRRHA project attracts specialists from all over the world and contributes in strengthening our international standing and our reputation as centre of excellence. Beside the training of new generations of experts, this massive global project also allows us to bond with several other research institutions, universities and companies in Belgium and abroad.

Combined with SCK•CEN’s strategic plan, the construction of MYRRHA creates new jobs. During MYRRHA operation phase, some 2,000 extra stable jobs will be directly or indirectly created. The dynamic resulting from the operation of MYRRHA will also create additional jobs, via spin-offs and implementation of new high-tech companies within SCK•CEN’s vicinity.